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Here at UOMDSS, we help students in Manchester build skills in data science and obtain internships and careers through workshops, hackathons and careers events. We adamantly believe that data is the future, whether that be its analysis or the communication of its results.

We build on the strength of our STEM faculties by providing students interested in data science the opportunity to further their data science capabilities and prepare themselves for careers in industry, ultimately growing our community of skilled young data scientists at the University of Manchester.

About Us

Events & Workshops

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Our Team

  • Saurav Maheshkar

    Saurav Maheshkar


  • Mohammad Altaisan

    Mohammad Altaisan

    Vice President

  • Satwik Goyal

    Satwik Goyal


  • Samarth Jain

    Samarth Jain

    Sponsorship Lead

  • Yashika Gandhi

    Yashika Gandhi

    Public Relations Lead

  • Mohd Monish Rainy

    Mohd Monish Rainy

    Events Lead

  • Labeebah Islaam

    Labeebah Islaam

    Workshops Lead

  • Hanin Amri

    Hanin Amri

    Graphics Lead

  • Dhruv Sharma

    Dhruv Sharma

    Dev Lead

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